B11: We are in heaven

Hey, you! Im talking to You! Yes, yes, you with your left hand holding your cheek :D Bored? We have the solution!

It is the most crazy, incredible, extreme summer holiday!!!
It is the visit to the biggest country of the world!
It is the party at the border of Europe and Asia!!!!!

Do you want to spend unforgettable and fantastic time with wild orgaNICErs who can stop army of bears for you?! Wanna meet awesomest people from whole Europe?

Are you crazy about rafting & forest & no civilization?

What are you waiting for?! DONT BE SHY, JUST APPLY!!!

And be ready to wash your face with fresh & coooold river water, to eat meal cooked on fire, to cheel on catamaran aaaall the day...and lots of other things! like sinning songs next to the fire and drinking real russian vodka :P


Aaaaaaaare you ready??? JUST DO IT!

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